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A spacious and well equipped library with recent edition books from India and abroad is available to the students. The library also subscribes Indian and Foreign Journals on nursing specialized and allied fields. The back volumes are also available for the reference. Library which is connected with online journals for the student’s reference free of cost. Library Collectoion

1- Books - 634

2- Journals - 10

3- Project Works - 55

4- DVD/VCD Collection - 45


• To provide a well- organized collection of books, periodicals, (both print & electronic) which meets the instructional needs of students and faculty in order to support the courses, research programs and degrees offered.

• To select, organize and preserve the learning resources (both print & digital) which are needed for nursing education and research.

• To promote information literacy skills and assist the academic community in making effective use of information in many formats.

• To provide assistance to faculty members and students through various mechanisms of providing information, in order to make optimum use of the library services.





1. Nursing Foundation

Nursing foundation course is designed to help the students to develop and understanding the philosophy, objective, theories and process of nursing in various clinical settings. It aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and develop skill in techniques of nursing procedures and practice them in clinical setting. For which we have well equipped lab with 10 beds, manikins for performing and practice of various nursing procedures including CPR.

2. Community Health

A community health nurse focuses not only on helping individuals but also on increasing positive outcomes for an entire group. For community health nurses to make a difference, they have to understand the needs of a society’s inhabitants. They may do this by following a systematic process, which includes the following:

• Assessing the needs of the community.

• Exhibiting awareness and sensitivity to a community’s cultural, religious, political and socioeconomic makeup.

• Pinpointing available resources.

• Coordinating healthcare.

• Applying current scientific research to healthcare.

3. Child Health Nursing

Child health nursing course is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the modern approach to child care, identification, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of newborn and children. This lab provides solid foundation for paediatric nursing i.e. first-hand experience to handling neonates and children with the help of simulated model (manikins) and also performing related nursing procedures, before going to actual clinical settings.

4.Midwifery And Obstetrical Nursing

This course is designed for students to understand and practically learn the concepts and principles of midwifery and obstetrical nursing. It helps students to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing service to normal and high risk pregnant women during antenatal, natal and postnatal periods in hospital and community settings. It also helps to develop skills in managing normal and high risk neonates and participate in family welfare programmes. This laboratory provides first-hand experience in assessment of antenatal case, intranatal case, post natal case, neonatal assessment and demonstration of nursing care and handling problems accordingly.

5. Nutrition

The course is designed to help the students to acquire knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health of different stages of life and application to nursing. This is a separate lab equipped with various models, posters, flash cards, flip charts for nutrition education and also various vessels and accessories to prepare different recipe according to different kinds of food for different illness