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About us

About us

Nursing is associated with pretty much every field of medical care, and nursing experts essentially affect it. They are a significant connection during the time spent interfacing patients to specialists. specialists don't perform every one of the responsibilities; attendants are answerable for pre-and post-activity tasks They are likewise a resource for the clinical calling through helping doctors in various techniques and methods. They watch out for diagrams and keep steady over medicines.



The mission of the Anju Institute of Nursing Science is to provide knowledge and skills to the students regarding community service & social life for the constitution of peaceful society and continuous development of an individual as a good citizen with trained nurse, for capable of functioning effectively in the hospital as well as community. Recent emphasis of nursing on promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health as well as advances in caring for the illness, have opened various new areas of employment and have created added responsibilities for practicing nurses.



A spacious and well equipped library with recent edition books from India and abroad is available to the students. The library also subscribes Indian and Foreign Journals on nursing specialized and allied fields. The back volumes are also available for the reference. Library which is connected with online journals for the student’s reference free of cost. Library Collectoion

1- Books - 634

2- Journals - 10

3- Project Works - 55

4- DVD/VCD Collection - 45


• To provide a well- organized collection of books, periodicals, (both print & electronic) which meets the instructional needs of students and faculty in order to support the courses, research programs and degrees offered.

• To select, organize and preserve the learning resources (both print & digital) which are needed for nursing education and research.

• To promote information literacy skills and assist the academic community in making effective use of information in many formats.

• To provide assistance to faculty members and students through various mechanisms of providing information, in order to make optimum use of the library services.


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